cqrs and mediatr

CQRS on ASP.net Core and the mediator pattern

From my experience, organizing a project, especially anything medium to large in size is always challenging. One of the ways that I found more success in doing so it’s implementing it using CQRS – Command Query Responsibility Segregation.

Due to the natural separation between the query and commands, organizing each and all the files related to a given command, like the value objects and validations give a clear idea of the functionality of the application and help multiple people to work on the project at the same time, as it’s easy to break in parts that can be worked in parallel.

I will be showing on this article how to configure an asp.net core project to use the mediator pattern to implement a simple CQRS on your project. Continue reading “CQRS on ASP.net Core and the mediator pattern”

Review: domain-driven design distilled, Vaughn Vernon

Domain-Driven Design Distilled

The book starts with an interesting definition of design, paraphrasing Steve Jobs:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

And from there he defines the principles of Domain-Driven Design in areas that affect the strategic design and the tactical design of an application, being strategic the areas related to business drivers and concerns and tactical related with implementation.

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