About me

The Professional


My name is Lisandro Pacheco. I’m a software developer, architect and team leader working in Dublin, Ireland! I’ve been working with software for since 2004 and I’m curious and resilient and pride myself for always getting the job done!

I’ve developed and deployed software in different industries, from mobile software for the automotive industry, insurance software, voice recognition systems, educational software, software assessment systems and mobile apps for airports and point of sales.

I’m very passionate about user interfaces, continuous deployment and automation testing. I believe that using the SOLID principles help teams to write software that is easier to understand, test and maintain.

I’m very familiar with the Microsoft stack, having been working with C# and SQL on backends and Xamarin. I’m comfortable  I’m also familiar with angular and react and Flutter!

If you wondering what I’m working at the moment please feel free to check my LinkedIn profile!

too much information!

Besides being a professional there are other roles

that I fulfil on a daily basis!

lisandro family

The Proud Family Man

I’m proudly married since 2004 with Carolina, a wonderful person and a skilled physiotherapist. More than once she saved me from my back and neck ailments with dexterity and patience!

Together we do have 2 wonderful kids that and a source of endless joy and hard work!



The Guitarist

Between playing tag and lego with the kids and keeping updated with technology I love to play music.

I’ve mainly played worship in churches in Brazil and Ireland and on occasion have been known to grace barbecue goers with a song or two!



The Footballer


Rumour has that the Brazilian national team lost one of the most skilled midfielders since Zico the day I’ve chosen the fine arts of computers over football!

Nowadays only a few selected lucky Irishman have the chance to sporadically see the awesomeness personified in a pitch where the beautiful game is practised!